Health and Safety

Food Allergies

It is the responsibility of the individual, or parents or guardians in respect of children, to ensure appropriate precautions are taken prior to, and when, consuming any food or beverage. The Managers and Trustees of Ewell Hall are unable to guarantee that any food or beverage is free from any allergen.

Servery Water Heater

CAUTION: The water from the servery water heater is Very Hot. Take special care to avoid any contact, splashes or spills.

Baby Changing Unit

The wall-mounted baby changing unit in the disabled toilet is designed for Babies Only. Aged up to 18 months and weighing less than 15kg.

WARNING: Never leave child unattended. Avoid serious injury from child falling and sliding out. Always use the restraint system and keep one hand on the child at all times.

  • Do not overload the baby changing unit
  • Do not use the changing unit if any parts are missing or broken. Please report any damage, or missing items, to the Ewell Hall Manager
  • A changing pad is not required for this baby changing unit
  • Unit should be cleaned after each use with antibacterial wipes or antibacterial detergent. Please clean thoroughly
  • Please take all nappies, wipes, etc. away with you. Please do not leave them in any bin, or anywhere, in the hall.
  • The large refuse bin outside may be used for nappy disposal.

Electrical equipment

The Hirer may allow electrical equipment to be brought into the hall only if he/she is confident the item is safe and has been inspected for electrical safety by a competent person. If any doubt exists the item must not be used or brought into the hall.

The Hirer should take adequate steps to ensure that no electrical socket or circuit is overloaded and that no equipment or cables are allowed to become a trip or any other form of hazard.

Heating controls

Ewell Hall will aim to ensure that, in the winter months, the hall heating is timed to come on shortly before each booking and go off shortly before it ends. However this cannot be guaranteed and may not always be possible, especially for bookings arranged at short notice. The heating controls on the radiators may be adjusted to suit the Hirer’s preferences during the event but no other adjustments may be made. At the end of the event any radiator controls that have been altered must be returned to their original settings.

Flammable substances, portable heaters and gas appliances

Highly flammable substances, including fireworks, are not to be brought into or used in any part of the hall. The use of portable generators, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) heaters or any appliance using any form of liquid or solid fuel or bottled gas is forbidden. No such item or fuel may be brought into the hall.

Guests’ behaviour

The Hirer is responsible for compliance with all terms and conditions but particular attention should be paid to the following:

  • Staying in the Ewell Hall throughout the booking period
  • Ensuring that only persons they have authorised are allowed access to the hall or its facilities at any time during the booking period
  • Ensuring that the safety limits for hall capacity are not exceeded
  • maintaining good order in and around the hall
  • Ensuring that no nuisance is caused to residents near the hall
  • Ensuring that no one smokes anywhere in the building or within the hall’s grounds
  • Ensuring that nothing is used which may result in an offensive smell.


The Hirer must ensure the minimum of noise is made on arrival and departure, particularly late at night. If amplification equipment is used the Hirer shall ensure that noise is kept to a reasonable level and that no unnecessary inconvenience is caused to local residents by drawing blinds and keeping all windows and doors closed whenever possible. Sound levels must be reduced if windows or doors are kept open. Out of consideration for our neighbours, loud music may not be played so it can be heard outside the hall after 23:00.


The Hirer is responsible for completing the Ewell Hall’s Accident Book – which is kept in a drawer in the servery area – if anyone is hurt at any time in the building, and for reporting the accident to the Ewell Hall Manager as soon as possible and no later than the following day. Please follow the instructions on the front cover of the Accident Book.

A First Aid Kit is available in the Servery Area. Please inform the Ewell Hall Manager if items are used from this kit so it may be replenished as necessary.

Fire and other emergencies

The Hirer is responsible for

  • Having a charged mobile phone with him/her for the duration of the booking so that the emergency services can be contacted, if necessary, without delay
  • Familiarising him/herself with use of the emergency exits and the location of the emergency assembly point, which is the grassed area in front of the BT Telephone Exchange next to the hall
  • Instructing everyone in the hall to assemble on the grassed area in front of the BT Telephone Exchange, if the building needs to be evacuated, and ensuring they all remain there until the emergency services are satisfied that everyone has been accounted for
  • Familiarising him/herself with the positions, types and uses of fire extinguishers
  • Keeping all exits and fire extinguishers free of obstruction at all times
  • Ensuring that adequate gangways are left between chairs and tables
  • Ensuring that there are no naked flames in the building other than the gas hobs and normal birthday cake candles.
  • Tea lights in appropriate holders or dinner candles in candlesticks or glass bottles may be used on tables when persons are seated
  • Calling 999 to summon Surrey Fire & Rescue Service to the outbreak of any fire, no matter how slight
  • Calling 999 for the Police or Ambulance services as necessary to attend any serious incident or accident or when medical assistance is required
  • The Hirer must remain at the hall until the emergency services arrive
  • Recording incidents in the Accident Book and notifying Ewell Hall Manager within two hours of any incident which results in a call to the emergency services.