Invoicing and Payments

Once your booking request has been accepted you will receive your invoice as an email attachment. The email will include our bank account details to allow you to pay the invoice directly from your own bank account. When making your payment please use your invoice number as the payment reference. This will allow us to issue you with an email final confirmation of your booking, with the minimum of delay.

Only when your invoice has been paid in full will you receive an email confirming your booking. You will also be emailed a receipt for your payment, your hall access code and, if you have requested it, a code to access the hall sound system.

Prior payment is required for all accepted bookings and, in order not to lose your requested booking slot, we expect prompt payment in full to our bank account within seven days of the issue of your invoice. For last minute booking requests made for dates less than seven days ahead we expect prompt payment in full on receipt of your invoice. This is only fair on other prospective hirers, especially for all those times when booking slots are in great demand.

Hirers of repeat or regular bookings may qualify for reduced hire fees but, in order to qualify for these reductions and to ensure their requested booking slots are confirmed, they must pay quarterly, in advance, for their bookings. The first invoice for the first three months hire will be due for payment in full within seven days of the issue of that invoice. Thereafter payments for subsequent quarters will become due one month before the start of that quarter. Invoices will be issued, for payment within seven days, in order to maintain that quarters booking slots. for those hirers whose events or activities only occur during school term times they may ask to pay termly, in advance, rather than quarterly. The agreement of the Ewell Hall Manager must be obtained in advance of your first invoice if you wish to pay in this way.

If, after making a booking request or payment, you find you are unable to proceed with your booking then please inform us immediately so that we may release your booking slot for other hirers. Consideration will be given to the return of all or part of any monies you have paid for your booking. Any such decision will be determined by the Trustees and will depend on the circumstances and timescale of the cancellation, and be in line with our Terms and Conditions.