Hirers’ Aide Memoire

Before making your booking

  • Check the details of the Ewell Hall and its facilities on the ewellhall.uk website to ensure that it is suitable and appropriate for your proposed booking
  • Go to the Hall Calendar page to check availability of Ewell Hall
  • Ensure you have fully read the Ewell Hall Terms and Conditions
  • Complete your online booking request
  • Make an online payment via PayPal for your Hire Charge and your Security and Damage Deposit. Bookings will not be confirmed until these payments have been made in full. Payment details will be emailed with your invoice once your booking request has been accepted
  • It is suggested that you print a copy of this Aide Memoire (using Ctrl+P or another command), and also make a copy of your completed booking request, to have with you at your event.

Before your Event

  • Make arrangements to ensure that all requirements for the protection of children, young persons and vulnerable adults will be complied with, as detailed in the Ewell Hall Terms & Conditions
  • Arrange for any insurance cover you may need as detailed in the Ewell Hall Terms and Conditions.

At the Start of your Event

  • Check the hall equipment and facilities are as you expected and inform the Ewell Hall Manager immediately by telephone of any problems. You will be held responsible for any problems not reported at the start of your booking and previously unknown to the Ewell Hall Manager
  • Familiarise yourself with the instructions for use of the cookers, dishwasher and other items as necessary. Copies of these may be found here and also in the kitchen.

During your Event

  • Ensure that the emergency exits are kept clear and available
  • Ensure compliance with that the Ewell Hall Terms and Conditions
  • Ensure compliance with all requirements for the protection of children, young persons and vulnerable adults
  • Remain in the hall and deal with any issues as they arise
  • Ensure the emergency services are called, as necessary, to any serious event
  • Inform the Ewell Hall Manager by telephone of any serious issues or problems that arise during the booking.

At the End of your Event

Hirers are reminded that, in order to keep our hire rates affordable for all users, Ewell Hall does not employ a cleaner to visit the hall after each and every use. We therefore ask every user to ensure that they leave the hall in an appropriate state at the end of their event, ready for the next booking.

  • Ensure that the hall and all hall equipment has been cleaned and that tables and chairs have been returned to the positions you found them in at the start of your booking
  • Ensure that the kitchen sinks and surfaces have been cleaned and the kitchen bin has been emptied
  • Ensure that the dishwasher, has been emptied, pumped out, turned off and the door left open
  • Ensure that the cookers and other equipment have been turned off and emptied (please ensure that the fridge wall switch is left turned on)
  • Ensure that the hall floor has been swept (but not washed) and that the kitchen floor has been cleaned
  • Ensure that all your property has been removed from the hall, the kitchen and the refrigerator
  • Ensure that all rubbish has been removed from the hall and kitchen bin and placed in the rubbish bins outside the hall, or taken away if the bins are full. Please do not leave any rubbish beside the bins
  • Ensure that all taps are turned off, including those in all the toilets
  • Open all blinds and turn off all lights, including those in the kitchen and toilets
  • After checking that no-one remains in the building, lock and secure all windows and doors.

After your Event

  • Let Barb Warwick, Ewell Hall Manager, have full details of any issues or problems that arose during your booking. For evening bookings this should be done by telephone the following morning. She may be contacted by telephone on 020 8614 0714.