Main Hall

Ewell Hall received a major redecoration and new furnishings in 2018 resulting in a very pleasant and attractive facility. The hall is spacious, light and airy, and fully centrally heated.

Ewell Hall is large enough for:

  • 80 standing for a reception
  • 70 seated for a theatre style presentation
  • 60 seated at tables for a full sit-down meal, buffet, quiz or presentation
  • 50 seated at tables when a space for dancing is provided
  • 50 for children’s parties or games
  • 30 for floor exercises

These capacities may be altered by Government Covid-19 restrictions – please check latest information at

Ewell Hall set out for a dinner

The Main Hall is accessed via the entrance lobby with 2 sets of glazed double doors leading to the hall which is 13.8m (45ft) long x 6.3m (21ft) wide – an area of 87 square metres or 936 square feet. It has a solid wood block floor and a high arched ceiling creating a very spacious and well lit room.

Tables and Chairs

Ewell hall is equipped with 24 new folding four-seater adult height tables each measuring 92cm x 69cm x 70cm high, together with 8 children’s tables 110cm x 55cm x 53cm high. All tables are kept in the table storage area off the main hall.

72 new folding upholstered adult chairs – which hang on two wheeled storage racks – are provided, together with 40 new small children’s chairs. Please see the Inventory for full details.

Children's Tables and Chairs
Children’s Tables and Chairs